Support Education of Girl Child

Support Education of Girl Child

Support the education of girl child, we at Prayas sws focus on interventions to keep these girls in schools to complete secondary education at a critical age when many girls drop out.

It is obvious that when we think of girl’s education, we may remember a girl who have never gone to school or a smiling and studious girls attending primary school. This is because we know that there are many girls who don’t even complete primary school.

And now it has become a challenge for everyone, a perpetual effort is what Prayas is putting to bring out progress in basic education of girl child, we are trying to improvise girl’s education for better learning, making them skilled in terms of job prospects.

We definitely need to fight the reason for their drop outs and for not going to schools that is how we can bring change in life of a girl child.

Why deprive her of being confident, skilled, smart and educated citizen of the society…..

Let Her Fly….Give Her WINGS.

Join hands with Prayas SWS and Help us Give them Wings to Fly..

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