Prayas Ex Student Topped in Civil Engineering


Success story of prayas students

Today prayas is sharing a story of a boy who struggle for his life and finally his efforts will make him hero. His family belongs to weaker economic class and facing poverty.

He was not like an exceptionally brilliant students but he topped civil engineering because of his hard work. He is from Faridabad. Although from an economically unstable family, he always have positive outlook towards his life and we urge to provide a better future and accept it.

Sometimes he faces hunger but remembering for his family always do better and better studies to make the future bright of his family. Every student can create himself being like hero. His success story is sure to inspire millions of students who struggle daily for better living conditions. We are proud that this boy who belonged to us.

Roll No. : 152330700501
Student Name  : Aasim
Father Name : Aarif Khan

Our prayas social welfare society (prayass SWS) was established On 20.09.1999 and is purely a non govt. Social service regd. Organizing (NGO) having a non political, non religious and non commercial character and is mainly engaged in imparting completely free education to the children from the family belongings to economic weaker class and backward class of the society. Our society is still working on these causes.

We also attention on these causes since 2000 like girl child, women empowerment, education of under privileged, skill based learning, medical aid, health camps, motivational and generic awareness, special support for higher studies.

The goal of our prayas is to build character and inspire motivation and self- discipline while imparting the skills and knowledge children need to prepare for excellence in life because we believe in for making someone smile is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Subject Name Theory Practical
12073 – Fluid Mechanics 59/100 40/50
120732 – Structure Mechanics 81/100 42/50
120733 – Surveying –I 52/100 41/50
120734 – Construction Materials 55/100 41/50
120735 – Building Construction 80/100 42/50
102736 – Civil Engineering Drawing – I   82/100
Sessional   262/325
Grand Total   877/1175