Our Pillars

Prayas Social Welfare Society Pillars who took this welfare society to next level .


Chairman Founder

Management Team

To create and work for individuals, to give them exalted sense of purpose in their lives, inspiring them to go beyond limits, overcome the odds to create positive change in society.

Governing Body

Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Anil Jindal (Chairman, SRS Group) 9871290908
  • Sh. Anil Kumar Bhardawaj (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) 8800018060
  • Sh. Arun Bajaj (Director, M/s B.L Containers Pvt. Ltd.) 8800018060
  • Sh. Gautam Chaudhary ( Director, VNM Polymers) 9999108825
  • Sh. H.K. Batra (M.D.,Perfect Bread) 9910116747
  • Sh. H.S. Banga (M.D., Victoria Auto Pvt. Ltd.) 9811076695
  • Sh. J.P. Malhotra (Director, M/s Bhartiya Values Pvt. Ltd.) 9810012999
  • Sh. Jagit Singh Lamba (Chairman, Imperial Auto Limited.) 9818499173
  • Sh. K.C., Lakhani (Chairman, Lakhani Arman Group) 9871284131
  • Sh. M. K., Miglani (IAS Retd.) 9810438949
  • Sh. Narender Aggarwal (Chairman & M.D, Shivalik Prints Pvt Ltd.) 9811016005
  • Sh. Narender Gupta (Manging Director, Styric Chem. Pvt. Ltd.) 9811150300
  • Sh. Navdeep Chawla (Manging Director, Psychotopics India Ltd.) 9810189628
  • Sh. Naveen Sood (CMD, Vee Gee Industries Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.) 9811078468
  • Sh. Pawan Kumar Gupta (Director, D.C. Model School) 9990430000
  • Sh. Pawan Kumar Vijay (M.D., Corporate Professional Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.) 9810032568
  • Sh. Prashant Bhalla (Director, M.R. Education Society) 9871600009
  • Sh. Pushpender Singh (Retd. HCS, Gurgaon) 9810915750
  • Sh. Rajiv Chawla (CMD, Jai Raj Group) 9810154568
  • Sh. Rajiv Mangla (Director, Emerging India Value Advertisor Pvt. Ltd.) 9810412780
  • Sh. Rakesh Gupta (Partner, M/s Rakesh Raj & Associates) 9891123287
  • Sh. S.K. Goyal (Managing Director, Star Wire India Pvt. Ltd.) 9350150724
  • Sh. Sajjan Kumar Jain (Chairman, Indo Autotech Ltd.) 9811085112
  • Sh. Satish Chander Gosain (Managing Director, Securico Electronic India Ltd.) 9810008664
  • Sh. Tarun Gupta(Partner, Kumar Vijay Gupta & Co.) 9810115163

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