Transforming Lives Through Education

The Society is proud to share that the following students of the Society, having undergone the courses at our Vocational Training Center of the Society, have secured themselves a position where they have become self dependent and are earning handsomely, either through a suitable employment in a job or starting their own bussiness. Although these students were from economically weaker sections of the society, they learnt to a positive outlook towards life and earned themselves a bright career. Their success will surely inspire scores of students to come forward and climb the ladder of success and secure a bright career. The Prayas Social Welfare Society is proud of these students and wish them best for there future.


Course: Computer

Job: Axis Bank, Faridabad

Manisha Bhrami

Course: Beauty and Wellness

Self employ: Beauty Parlour Sec. 7b, Faridabad


Course: Garment Making

Job: Monrish International, Faridabad

Sandhya Kaushik

Course: Computer

Job: Upper Divisional Clerk(UDC) DHBVN, Sec-6 Faridabad

Kalyan Attri

Course: Computer

Job: Meter Reader DHBVN, Sec-23 Faridabad

Devender Saini

Course: Computer

Job: Supervisor DHBVN, Sec-23 Faridabad


Course: Computer

Job: Constable Haryana Police


Course: Garment Making

Job: Beauty Parlour, Uncha Gaon

B. Devi

Course: Garment Making

Job: M/s Shahi Exports Sector-28, Plant-2, Faridabad


Course: Garment Making

Self employ: Beaty Parlour, Uncha Gaon


Course: Parlour

Self employ: Beauty Parlour, Machhgar Village