How the idea was conceive to start the social work by the founder chairman

Sh. M. L. Gupta

The importance of education has been universally acknowledged and as he inferred from the various articles of the great leaders, thinkers and philosophers that no subject is of greater importance than that of education and it (Education) is the only panacea for all social ills / evils. It made him to develop a firm conviction and belief that illiteracy is a curse and it has to be eliminated altogether. According to him it is possible only when education is made available absolutely free to one and all especially to the children from economical weaker section and every child of school going age must go to school. He/ She should not be deprived of his / her basic right of education because of poverty and ignorance of his / her parents.

With this conviction in his mind, once he happened to meet a few children of school going age picking up rags from the garbage, he asked them if they were studying, One of them mustered courage with tears in his eyes replied ‘no’ because they were from poor and illiterate families and if they did not work, they would starve. They did not have money and time for studying and none would allow them to even enter in school with such dirty clothes. He sobbingly said that they could study only in the afternoon and that too completely free.

This pathetic plight of these children moved him (Founder) and drew tears in his eyes too. He took (boy’s) his version as that of a class and He (Founder) made a firm resolve to arrange completely Free Education for such poor and street children with absolutely free provision of reading and writing materials and uniform etc. to the best of his ability and capacity after his retirement. This is how this seed was sown and germinated and the Project of completely free education to the poor and street children started on 20.09.1999 in D.C. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sec – 9, Faridabad with a meager number of 15 children.

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Backbones of Prayas SWS

– The Legend of Prayas –

Mr. Raj Kumar Aggarwal has been associated with Prayas SWS since it’s inception in 1999 and has remained an integral part of it ever since. He is practicing as Senior Partner in M/s Corporate Professionals Tax India, Advocate and Advisors , New Delhi.

Mr Aggarwal has a long list of degrees to his credit which include an from Agra University, FCA FCS, AICWA, LLB and to top it all a Ph.D in ‘Social responsibility in Business’.

Mr. Aggarwal is indoubtedly one of the “Backbones of Prayas” Here’s a glimpse of his thoughts and vision for Prayas.

1. Mr. Aggarwal, what is your experience of your association for Prayas?
Mr. Aggarwal : I feel very delighted to be associated with Prayas because it gives a feeling of satisfaction, fulfilment to be able to give back to society in whatever way we can. When you are in a position to contribute to the society, it is always a wonderful feeling.

2. What is your vision for Prayas?
Mr.Aggarwal : I see Prayas as a model which can be replicated for the whole country. There are unutilised and under utilised resources that Prayas has put to efficient use.

There are 3 types of resources :-

1.Infrastructure of regular schools where the afternoons are free so we are using those buildings for Prayas.
2.People who can devote their time , retired people, housewives who are efficient and creative and who want to utilise their free time.
3.People who can donate and want to contribute to the society.
So, by putting all these together, we have created a unique model which is working so well in Faridabad. If in Faridabad, then why not for the entire country?

3.What is Prayas’ focus at present?
Mr.Aggarwal : Our focus in Prayas is providing basic education to the children belonging to the economically weaker section of the society. We were successful in doing that. Then the question arised that what after these children passed out from school? So, we started with the idea of providing Skill development courses.

And, we have already started providing many Skill development courses where they can gain by employment. There are various courses that we provide:

1.Stiching and tailoring
3.Computer courses
6.Mobile repairing
And we also intend to start courses for Cooking, driving, mechanics, etc. So, basically we want to generate self employment and self confidence for the economically weaker strata of the society. And, we have some amazing stories of how the females who have learnt stitching at our centres are earning Rs 10000-15000 per month from their homes only.

So, our present focus is creating good employment for these people and I think we have started on the right track moving pretty well on the track.

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